Sunday, December 6, 2009


In waiting to let the big news come out, I've decided to start blogging to quell my urges to scream it from the rooftops...

Nickie's pregnant!!!!!!

Finding this out was not as black-and-white as we have thought it would be. We thought that Nickie would just pee on a stick and either we'd get one line or two. Not really the case....

Being 2 women, I feel like we sometimes have that objective side to say things like, "You're not due for your period for 4 more days, so don't bother yet." We're both emotion-driven women, who are also a bit impatient.

So we tested 9 days after ovulation. Here's what we got on October 23rd:

Nothing, right?

Well, we looked at it, and looked at it. We swore there was SOMETHING... so I started playing with it on Photoshop and got this:

There's definitely a line, but was it REALLY a line? Do lines that need Photoshop count as lines?

Moving onto October 24th...we got another almost-but-not-really line. More photoshop intervention got us this:

There's SOMETHING there. Is that it?

Still not sure...

By Sunday, October 25th, both of us were totally over using the line tests. I had class that Sunday. I didn't hear or retain a single bit of class content that morning; it was research class, so I'm too upset, trust me. Anyways, on the way home from class, I picked up a digital test.

She went upstairs.

She peed.

She covered the test.

She brought it downstairs.

And we waited...

Waiting those 5 minutes seemed like eternity. When it was finally time to check it, I pulled the test out and it looked like this:

Then we looked like this:

And there was much rejoicing. =)

"Nugget" is due July 8th, 2010. Everyone says it's a girl, so I say "boy" to be different.

Here's his/her big debute, done last week! (Thanks, Meghan!)

Is it a baby? Is it a bean? Is it an alien? Not too sure, but we'll assume the first answer until proven differently.
We're absolutely thrilled and can't wait for Nugget to make their appearance!


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