Thursday, June 2, 2011

On the move!

What happened to our little baby? It feels as if overnight Dillon has grown into this rambunctious, inquisitive, little girl. I can't believe we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday in 1 month.

Month 10 was an amazing one. Dillon is now crawling, cruising, standing unassisted (for a second or 2 at a time), babbling, eating big people food, and getting into EVERYTHING. I know she could walk without the aid of her wagon or baby stroller if she'd just give it a try. She practically runs when she has got 2 fingers to grab onto.

We have a little daredevil on our hands. I know this kid's going to love roller coasters once she can make the height requirement. She loves to hang upside down when someone holds onto her ankles. She squeals with delight when you pretend to drop her. She's crazy, and I love it.

Dillon also loves food. Give her anything, she'll eat it. She loves feeding herself, we just have to pace the amount we give her at a time because she likes to squirrel it away in her little cheeks. She even did great when Ros gave her something spicy by accident when we were out for indian buffet the other day. Her face was priceless, and a bite of naan and a sip of water later, all was right with the world.

We are also the proud mothers of our very own chatterbox. Dillon talks up a storm, all day, everyday. Her favorite things to say are, "whass dat?, dada, who's dat?, yesh, shoes, socks" and to my delight finally, "mama". Although she doesn't really say mama in reference to me or Ros, it's nice to here some M sounds instead of the incessant dada.

Lastly, my most favorite part of month 10 has been Dillon learning how to give hugs. She started doing this a week ago with her dollies, now I can ask for a hug and she puts her little arms around my neck, her face squished against mine, and she squeezes. It is the most heartwarming feeling I think I have ever experienced in my life. I'm so glad she's ours!


In addition to food, Dillon loves trying to eat mulch.

She loves pushing Simba around in her wagon.

Contemplating the world at 10 months.

She loves her Ikea tunnel.