Saturday, December 26, 2009

Au revoir 1st trimester

As today comes to a close so does the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. Not so sad to say goodbye. After the intial excitement of finding out that it worked, the symptomes really become a drag. The 4 weeks of feeling like I had mono sucked pretty bad. I felt like I could just close my eyes and nap at any time of the day and then still go to bed and sleep another 10 hours. I had pretty bad afternoon nausea, although I consider myself very lucky as I never threw up once.

Now that 13 weeks is approaching, most of my afternoon nausea has ended, although I still feel a bit cheesy after taking a hot shower. Which the easy solution would be not to take a hot shower but a warm shower, but boy do I love that hot water. I'm also doing better eating cooked veggies, although the thought of broccoli still makes me gag a little.

I think it's safe to get rid of the bag of tampons I still carry around in my work bag. I have to say that I haven't missed not having my period since Sept. It weird to think that I won't be getting it again for at least 6 more months, probably more if breastfeeding goes as well as I hope.

On the downside of finishing up the first 12 weeks, my pants no longer fit. Ros and me had to go to Old Navy the other night to buy maternity pants. The thing about maternity clothes is that they aren't really geared towards the dykey pregnant chick, which poses a slight problem for me as I never wear ladies clothes. But I'll have to adapt and I got the most androgynous looking pants I could find. Forget about the shirts though, I'll just have to buy bigger T-shirts and whatnot because there is no way I am wearing anything with ruffles.


  1. Hi there! Hope you don't mind me stopping by from the BBC board (Midwest thread). I'm a single mom by choice, and I'm so happy for you! Motherhood is a wild ride, but worth every minute!
    Congrats and happy holidays!

  2. No we don't mind... We've seen you there... Thanks and good luck this month.