Thursday, December 24, 2009

A difference


Even before birth, I can see a difference between 2 women having a child verses and man and a woman; the expectations of dads are set low by a lot of expectant mothers. Example: The message board Nickie and I follow had a question about which appointments the husbands/ boyfriends should go to. Most women said they should go to the appointments with ultrasounds and he should go to "important ones if he can". In the back of my head I'm thinking,"Which one?! ALL OF THEM!" I can't imagine not going to an appointment Nickie has. That's my kid in there! What if I miss something?!

I want to tell these women they're nuts for letting their men miss appointments, but maybe that's just the straight couple expectation. Who am I to try to change a cultural norm? Again, just an observation...

Anywho, Merry Christmas!

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  1. We both went to every single one of each others appts and ultrasounds. It was a good way to stay involved in the process. Often that meant dragging the older child with me, but I didn't care....I was going to be there!! This next time around I will be bringing 2 kids with me, but you can be guaranteed, I will be there every time!