Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here and with is comes change: lots of it for us!

We're moving! After living in our house for 3 years, we've decided to move. I've always had the option of becoming a dorm parent at the arts high school I work at (wanna see it? It entails being responsible for a handful of students 1-2 nights a week in exchange for free room and board. I've fought it for a long time because I worried about becoming a nurse 24/7. But, since I have been working there for 4 years, Ifeel that I'm more comfortable with setting boundaries and ensuring that my time is mine.
As much as we love our house, it just doesn't make sense to stay in it. It's nauseating to think of the money we'll save. On top of that, the food is good, the people are great, we'll have more baby sitters and dog walkers than we can count, and Dillon will be one of 12 kids on campus under 5 years old. It's been hard not having a lot of people close to us with kids. Now, there will be 4 in our building alone! We'll rent the house and try it for a year. I'm really hoping we like and can do it for a few years (or more). The campus is in a beautiful area and Dillon would be in a school district we wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. Am I getting ahead of myself? Maybe a little...

Dillon's on the move! She's everywhere. She's crawling. She's cruising. She can push her wagon around the house. No place within 3 feet of the floor is safe. Every morning, the house starts out clean. By 6:30am, it's destroyed. Everything that was on the coffee table is on the floor within seconds of her pulling up on it. I can't believe how fast she is!

And she's just getting more and more amazing. She waves at everyone who walks by. Once she gets going, she's waving with both hands, chatting and blowing kisses; we call it "The Dillon Show". Her stranger anxiety is minimal. The only time she cries is if someone holds her before she's had a minute to scope them out. Within about 2 minutes, she'll go to anyone. She even reaches out for people she doesn't know. Again, I might be getting ahead of myself, but social issues are not something I worry about when I think about her growing up.

And she's tall! 30.5 inches (98th percentile) at her 9 month appointment! Her weight was 19lbs 6oz, which is only 60th percentile. She's shaped like a 3 year old- some belly but not a ton of meat. She eats a lot, but all that movement must be burning it away. I wish I had that problem!

Nickie's still working 24 hours a week: 3pm to 3am twice a week. It's really getting to her. There are some nights she goes to bed at 4am, and others, she gets up at 5:30am with Dill. I give her credit for doing it this long, because it just seems awful. She's always slept like crap, but is ridiculous. Her body doesn't know what the hell's going on. Although she likes her job, she's been looking for something different. Luckily, having no living expenses will give her more options if she finds a job that doesn't pay as well or doesn't have as many hours. We'll see what happens. The option of just not working is there, but I think we both know she might go nuts! I hope she can find something with reasonable hours that will make her happy.

There's the updates for the month. Happy Spring! -Ros
Easter with family
She LOVES the tub!!!
Showing off her dirty hands

This is from her 9 month shoot. I had to put her month sticker on her butt; it's the only place she can't pull it off!
We went on a sushi picnic this week!