Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

Yesterday was a day that started out great but ended on a sour note. Firstly we had our 12 week nuchal translucency u/s to check for Down's syndrome. We weren't worried about any abnormalities but wanted the u/s at 12 weeks. Everything went great, nugget was active as usual. I hope this kid isn't hyperactive once she's born, but guessing from my ultrasounds (official and unofficial), this kid's got spunk. And yes I said she, from the doctors guess (which won't be confirmed for another 6 weeks) we have a little nuggette brewing. This is based on the fact that her little nub is pointing down instead of up. But of course we won't go painting the room pink yet, or ever.

We got some great pics while we were there. They don't usually do 3D this early, but we asked and the tech got a few great ones.

Another great thing about yesterday, we found the heartbeat with our home doppler. We had been trying this for weeks but realized we probably were aiming too high. Ros put that cold gel on me and then BAM there it was, a wonderful sound going at around 150 bpm. We also heard these random thumps every now and again, we think it's nugget kicking around in there hitting the doppler. Who knows maybe it's gas.

On a sad note, our dog Avery lost her best boyfriend Crosby. He was our friends apple head chihuahua. He broke his leg and had to be put down yesterday. We will miss him. RIP Crosby :(

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