Friday, February 5, 2010

How lucky we are

This pregnancy has reminded us how lucky we are. There are plenty of people out there who struggle for support and can't afford the baby basics. Nickie and I are fortunate to have....Craigslist. Just kidding (but not really because I LOVE IT!).

We're flooded with friends and family giving us just about everything we need. Furniture, carriages, carriers, toys, clothes, etc, etc, ETC. Showers are in the works already. People have already volunteers to babysit for out "date nights" (and we're going to remember who you are!). I just can't believe the amount of enthusiasm people have had. It's gotten us even more excited.

Thank-you to everyone so far. You've made it an amazing process so far. We feel so lucky to have such generous people around us.

Baby update: Nickie's 18 weeks along. The baby belly has arrived (and I LOVE IT (almost as much as Craigslist;))). Nugget had an easily detectable heartbeat at the last midwife's appointment. Next ultrasound is next Wednesday. Hopefully she'll have some soft tissue by now...


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  1. I am a Goodwill addict, with a little ebay thrown in for variety. It is nice being able to afford some nicer/new things this time around. With my daughter, I was still in college/grad school and things were really tight. But instead of feeling guilty, I try to tell myself that it was good for her to see me working hard and that not everything is a handout.
    Congrats on the baby belly!