Sunday, January 3, 2010

Style or function???

So what is more important when choosing baby items??? Now that we are 14 weeks along, I can now stop being so superstitious and start looking at baby things that we are actually going to buy...

The big dilemma of the day is what is more important, style or function, when it comes to car seats??? There is one that we really like by Graco which holds baby up to 32 lbs and has a really cute design on it. We both really like it, problem is, I'm not sure why Graco doesn't make any car seats with a vertical handle bar. It is not ergonomically correct to have to hold your hand horizontal to your body when holding a heavy seat with a heavy baby in it. I can totally feel the carpal tunnel coming on already. On the other hand, Baby Trend makes a car seat with a great, very comfortable and erogonomically correct handle, but their seats are ugly has hell. Also their seats only hold babies up to 22 lbs, personally I don't want to have to buy 3 car seats for this kid.


Although these aren't the exact seats we were looking at, you get the idea of the different handles. Decisions, decisions...


  1. I loved my Graco one...but it was a pain to hold...although to be honest, once you are hauling around 20 pounds of kid...the handle doesn't do much! Also to keep in mind is the length on the carseat. Conor was super long and he was out of the "bucket" seats by 6 months old!

  2. After about 6 months, you are going to be sick of lugging around a 15-20lb baby and will move to a toddler seat anyway! Spend the money on a good toddler seat (one that uses a 5 point harness to at LEAST 60lbs if not 80lbs like a Britax/Radian) and don't worry too much about the bucket seat!

  3. I am also a Britax fan. My son was a big boy, and even though the bucket seat I had went up to 22lbs, he hated that thing from day 1. And those things are not light, especially when you add a chubby baby! I got a Britax Decathlon when he was about 2 months old and he has loved the car ever since. It goes to 65lbs, so I don't expect to buy another seat. I just had to remember to take the sling or stroller along. I personally wish I had never wasted the money on the bucket.

  4. Oddly I would put in a vote for a bucket seat becasue then you don't have to wake up the little one one you get someplace. The fact that Conor screamed like a maniac whenver we put him in the car not withstanding we did at least not have to wake him up when he did sleep. His little feet did stick out though because he was long enough but didn't weigh enough until he was about a year old.

  5. Britax Marathon all the way! The handled ones are heavy and Michael actually hated being in it. He is very happy in his Britax. And then you can pick a stroller you really like without worrying if the bucket works with it. Watch for sales!