Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Year's miracle

I am excited to report that I have found some not-so-girly maternity shirts. Hooray, I thought this feat would be impossible, now I can relax that I won't have to be seen in half buttoned button downs and my belly hanging out of my t-shirts. Right now I can still get away with wearing some of my old shirts but forget about any of my pants, well except for my sweat pants of course and since I can't live in those. While in Destination Maternity today I had to put on one of these pregnant belly thingies (a 7-month one) to try on my clothes. What a mind f*ck. It's bizarre because I know I'm pregnant, we've heard the heartbeat, seen the baby, but somehow it's hard to believe that I'm going to look like all of those other pregnant ladies out there. Today I saw myself as one of them, and boy was it friggen hilarious.

One of the best parts about being a nurse is the fact that I don't have to buy any new work clothes. Those nice maternity clothes cost a small fortune and I'm glad we can spend our money on better things. Unfortunately I had to move up a size in scrub tops to a medium to accommodate my ever growing belly, hips, and butt. But since I get my new bigger scrubs free at work, it's a little less painful.

So here we are, 15 weeks and change, and I'm feeling pretty good. My energy level has definitly improved, it's nice not to feel like a slug all the time. The worst thing now is my heartburn, which is nothing new. Although now it has started actually burning, whereas before it was only constant vurping. Tums are my best friend. I have also had backaches with sciatica pain, usually after bending down for any (even slightly extended) period of time. And headaches have become a minor issue, especially when I'm working. I think the fluroesent lighting is definitly a contributing factor to that problem. I know that 800mg of motrin would do the trick for my head and back, too bad the only thing safe to take is tylenol, which is like spitting on a campfire to put it out.


  1. HAHAHA about the Tylenol. That was the worst, I was convinced I had a sugar pill. I was going to tell you that JCPenney has some good (cheap) maternity clothes that are just plain ol T-shirts and pants, I got a few things from there during my days. I had this one pair of pants I would wear twice, wash, and wear again...or sometimes not even wash!

  2. It killed my cheap self to even think about spending big $$ on maternity clothes. I lived in cheapo ponte pants from w@lmart. They were only about $12 a pair, stretchy enough to let me breathe and I could get away with wearing them to work. I think I bought them in 4 or 5 colors. And none of that 'baby on board' cutesy crap for me either!