Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a vagina!

Well, it was 3 lines that we were told is a vagina, but I believe what we were told. Nickie gave in to have one more "unofficial" ultrasound while she was at work. I got the call from her at 11:40pm while she was at work and I think I was at Newton-Wellesley by midnight. I didn't even change out of my pajamas! We saw the 3 lines in Nugget's crotch and the void area between her li'l legs.

It was making me crazy not knowing. I hate not knowing things. I was that kid that found my presents in my parents' closet weeks before Christmas (sorry, mom). I think I'm a tough person to surprise, because I'll start digging for clues if there is the slightest inkling that there's something going on. I'll chalk it up to the impulsiveness and greediness of being a Taurus.
As far as the actual gender was concerned, I was pretty indifferent. Working in acute pediatrics gives me an appreciation for kids that can breathe on their own and don't need assistive devices to function. I don't care what's between their legs. Nickie had said she preferred a boy in the past, but since she's been saying its a girl since day one, I think she's pretty comfortable with the idea. But, I'll let her blog about that at another time.

I like that I can picture what our future will look like a bit more vividly. I can see our tea parties and playing dress up. (I can't believe that's going to be our life!) I picked up a few girly things that I can picture on her. If she's anything like her mom, she'll need bows... lots of bows.

Side note: 16 week ultrasounds are a bit scary; there's bone being made and the soft tissue comes later. She kind of looked like Skeletor. Scary!

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  1. Babe, she totally looks like skelator, hope she grows some skin soon.