Monday, January 18, 2010

Last "unofficial" ultrasound... I mean it!!!

Woohoo, girlie parts. I am excited to be having a little girl, although for some reason I feel as though I would be more equipped to handle a boy, why, I'm really not sure. Maybe it's because in my non-maternity state I like wearing boy clothes so I enjoy little boy outfits a bit more than the frills and lace of the girlier variety? I'm really not sure. At least now one question doesn't have to be answered, to circumcise or not to circumcise... How the heck could I decide, I don't have a penis...

So thus comes the end of our unofficial ultrasounds, this brings our total ultrasoundage to 6. It was just so tempting to be able to take a peak at her every few weeks while bored at work waiting for my shift to end. Unfortunately with the joy also comes my neurosis (due to incessant Internet searches) that I did something wrong by ultrasounding too much. Really are ultrasounds safe??? I guess they are pretty safe, but not 100%. I just hope we didn't give her some sort of brain damage from all those sound waves bouncing off her developing little brain and ears. I know I'm being paranoid and neurotic, but I can't help myself. I think I'm just preparing myself for a lifetime of neurotic thoughts, are vaccinations safe? Is that the right school to send her to? Should I bubble wrap her before she leaves the house? It's overwhelming now to think that the choices I make now while she is still growing inside me could possibly affect her for the rest of her life...

What's done is done, and I'm going to try not to stress to much about what I can't change. I can now be excited about pink outfits, ponytails, princess outfits, and dolls galore... Or maybe she'll turn out to be my little tomboy clone who wants to play in the mud in her overalls and wouldn't even think of putting on a dress??? I guess only time will tell us what her personality is all about, for now all I hope is that she is healthy and the cutest little peanut around.


  1. Somehow we managed to end up with the girliest girl ever (has a pink room, loves princesses, will ONLY wear dresses, loves makeup etc.) and neither of us like pink, wear dresses and rarely wear make-up. Heck we used to buy unisex clothes and Teagan sometimes still dresses like a boy because we just don't care. I don't know if Teagan will be a girly girl like Riley, but I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised. It is like it is hard wired into them or something. So be ready!

  2. I am uber-girly, and I ended up with a daughter who hates pink and purple, won't wear dresses, and runs around wearing track pants, sweatshirt and a hat with EAR FLAPS!?!?! most days. I just don't understand it.