Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hungry Horrors

I totally woke up today at 8am with the hungry horrors. This wouldn't be that bad except I have to work all this weekend and need to get as much sleep as possible. I laid there for a few contemplating if I should get up and eat something or if I could ride out the pangs and get a couple more hours of sleep. With my stomach growling I reluctantly got up to make myself a piece of toast with PB and J and a small glass of milk. Luckily that held me over so I could sleep until 11 and then have my lunch at noon.

The horrors haven't disappeared yet. As I sit here at work, I just ate 5 Ritz crackers with PB and had a small glass of milk. Of course this is in addition to the apple, mozzarella stick, and "fun-sized" snickers that I've already consumed, and I've only been here for 3.5 hours. Great, I can see how this night is going to go.

I've been trying not to stress out about my weight too bad. Although stepping on that scale sometimes causes slight palpitations. I know I'll drop it all, but I've already gained 22 lbs and I still have 12 weeks to go.

All I have to say is hello 3rd trimester. Happy to see you. Now we can spend the next 12 weeks (or hopefully less and no more) fattening the Nugget up. Hopefully she can keep her weight in check while she's cooking, because although I believe I can be successful in my natural birth, if we are talking a 10 pounder, we may have to reconsider.

P.S. while writing this post I came to the realization that I need steak tips. So I just placed an order to a local restaurant so I can get my daily fix of meat (maybe I need the iron?)... This is ridiculous.

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  1. Just be happy you have a good appetite so you can put plenty of chub on that baby!