Sunday, April 18, 2010


I hate that the mono-feeling of the first trimester has reared her head again. I read that it would happen, but I'm only 29 weeks today, and I don't know if I can handle feeling like crap for the next 11 (hopefully less) weeks. Here I sit on the couch, with 3 wiener dogs piled on top of me and not even enough energy to kick them off. Good thing the fingers don't require much gusto to type.

Good news is I passed my glucose test with a 96. How wonderful. The organic grape juice alternative to drinking that bright orange chemical glucose "beverage" was quite lovely. I sucked that juice down in like 20 seconds after the lady who would be drawing my blood gave a dirty look because I didn't accept her drink. I love having a midwife, it's so much easier to be "less" traditional.

I also had a cbc drawn that day. It showed my hematocrit to be slightly less than optimal at 34 which could be why I am feeling so crappy. I am waiting for my Florodix iron supplement to arrive by mail. I am ultra excited that I found a pill form so I don't have to suck down a disgusting liquid every day. This is supposed to be a completely non-constipating form of iron and herbs. I hope it lives up to its claim because my intestines can't handle it.

On a better note, apparently I do pregnancy well. Maybe everybody I see is lying to my face, but all everyone keeps saying is how good and cute I look pregnant. Which is nice since I've been feeling like such crap lately. I had someone tell me that she wished I was pregnant all the time because I looked so adorable, I guess the extra 24 lbs has dispersed itself well. I also have the "pregnancy glow" because people tell me I do all the time, I just don't see it when I look in the mirror. I just think the ladies at my work aren't used to seeing a little pregnant dyke waddling around, I'm glad I can be a learning experience for everyone.

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  1. haha, isn't it fun to be the 'educator' for people at work? I think people were expecting me to somehow be a 'different kind of pregnant' because I used a sperm donor, as a single woman to get pregnant ON PURPOSE!!! I was more than happy to disappoint, lol.
    Only 11 weeks, give or take! Hoping the iron pills help with that craptacular feeling.