Thursday, April 15, 2010

BIG 3-0

Wow, 30. I remember sitting on the picnic table in the middle of Simmons College residential quad chatting with my friend Lori about where I thought I'd be when I was the big 3-0. Ironically enough, I'm pretty much right where I wanted to be by this time. One of my goals was to find a nice lady who was cute and not crazy. Then I met Ros, check. Cute, smart, caring, adventurous... A total package. After we dated for 3 months and then moved to San Diego together (I know ,so lesbian, but so not me) I figured she was a keeper. When she proposed, I knew she was. Another goal of mine by the time I reached 30 was to have a baby. Here we are 7 months pregnant, and I think that's close enough. My life is going really well. Nice house, 2 great dogs, wonderful wife, baby on the way, I really can't ask for anything else.

My birthday was fun... Well most of it anyway. The plan for the day was to take a trip to NYC with Ros's work to go and see the yearly Gala performance. Since Ros is the nurse of the year at her school she had to attend just in case someone passed out again like they did 2 years ago. We started our adventure around 12:30. The drive to NY wasn't nearly as bad as I'd expected. I did prepare, packing snacks, water, pillows, and most importantly applying the TEDS to my lower half. I read, ate, and listened to the IPod, peed in the bus bathroom once, and before I knew it we were there. When we got there we went for a nice stroll through some of Central Park since I just needed to walk after sitting down for almost 4 hours. Then we met up with the kids to check on them, Ros handed out 2 band aids, and then we were off to meet my friend Gerri for dinner. Nothing makes you feel older on your 30th birthday than catching up with someone you haven't seen in 7 years. Really makes you think about all the time that has gone by. Then we were off to the show. The show was nice and all the kids did a great job. After that it was time to go. Time to get on that bus again for the 4 hour trip home. Word to the wise for anyone 7 months pregnant, or any amount of pregnant for that matter, don't ever plan on traveling on a bus for 8 hours. The last 4 hours of the trip were miserable. I couldn't get comfortable. I couldn't recline the seat because it made my back hurt, I couldn't elevate my legs because the seat had a weird bump in it. I had restless legs and felt as though my feet were going to explode. I couldn't read because the overhead lights didn't work. I couldn't talk to Ros because she could sleep through a war on a bed of nails and was passed out. I just sat there, watching the lights on the highway go by, becoming more and more agitated as the minutes ticked. I finally became tired enough to close my eyes and slept for the last 45 minutes of the trip. I will NEVER do that again. No more road trips for this pregger. I thought we might make it to PTown over Memorial Day weekend for at least a night, but the thought of that 3 hour car ride is already making me nauseated. We'll have to see about that.

On a better note, Ros and I had a great day together yesterday. I was nice and rested from staying in bed until noon. We went for a nice leisurely walk in the woods with the dogs. After that a trip to IKEA was in order where we enjoyed Swedish meatballs but were bummed that their lingonberry juice was out of order. Now our nursery is almost complete as we found some nice curtains for the closet and window, a new floor lamp, and some other cutsie baby things. If there is one thing Ros and I know how to do, it is spend money. We're definitely going to have to slow down once the Nugget arrives or else I'm going to have to get a second job. We will post some pics of the nursery as soon as we take some.

All in all, being 30 isn't as dreadful as I thought it would be. The world did not end and I did not shrivel up into a bitter old prune. I think with all the excitement of being pregnant, I've sort of forgot about the fact that this year was the dreaded birthday. So thank you Nugget for helping take my mind off of things. And thank you wifey for the best birthday present a pregnant chick could ask for, 4 prenatal massages, just what the doctor ordered.


  1. So happy you had a great birthday! That road trip sounds dreadful though. We are headed to the beach -- 3 hours away -- in July (aka heat stroke!) and I am already dreading it.

    Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I dreaded 30, but it wasn't really so bad.
    I'd probably pass on long trips for now too, it's just too uncomfortable!