Saturday, March 20, 2010


Quickie post about the soccer player vs. her mom. Yesterday as Ros was taking part in her routine baby harassment when the baby kicked her in the head several times. It really weirded out her mom, but I loved watching.

We're doing great here, bummed I have to work all weekend. It's getting harder and harder to work 12 hour shifts, but I just have to suck it up because the only alternative is to work less during the shift but more days during the week. I'm lucky I have a boss that is flexible and this would be a possibility but there is no way I'm going in there more than 3 days a week.

Cankles are becoming more of a reality these days. Not so much on a daily basis, but I definitely look more cankly after 12 hours on my feet even while wearing TEDS. I guess this will just be part of my pregnancy. I just hope those varicose veins stay away during the next several weeks, but thinking back to what my mother's legs looked like after a few kids, I don't stand a chance. She never wore shorts my entire life unless we were at the beach, sad. Maybe the TEDS will help with that...I hope.

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  1. Oh, the cankles, I remember them so (not)fondly. I was wearing flip flops when there was still snow on the ground because that's all I could get my Fred Flinstone looking feet into.