Thursday, March 11, 2010


Screw NY!
Butterflies at the Conservatory Nickie taking a buddha break at the Conservatory
23 Weeks!
Baby's first drink! =P
My lizard friend
Us at the beach
Don't make me go!

We're back from our babymoon: The last hoorah until our nuggette arrives. Nickie and I went back to Key West where we honeymooned last year. We stayed at Pearl's again, our favorite women only/ clothing optional resort!
In booking the flights in January, we talked about our options. We could have one layover and pay out the rear, or have 2 layovers and save $260. BAD IDEA. Our flight from Boston to LaGuardia was over 2 hours late in leaving due to a "late crew". That, in addition to circling NYC for 30mins because there was no available runways to land meant we missed our connection. Apparently you need to assume this is going to happen when going to LaGuardia, which we will NEVER do again. I bitched to American Air and got free lunch out of it....great. When all was said and done, we spent 13 hours dealing with airports and didn't get to Key West til almost 10pm. The first 6 hours consisted of Nickie going through fits of anxiety and hormonal rants; I considered getting up and running away since she'd never catchup with the baby on board her frame. Instead, I kept rubbing her back and said, "It'll be fine..We'll get there..."Screw you, New York!

Pearl's was as lovely as we remembered. We got our little shack back with enough room for a bed. We took advantage of the hot tub outside of our room every night. It'll be that memory under the stars that I'll dissociate to when we haven't slept in 2 weeks...

Vacationing is different with a pregger. When we honeymooned last year, the priority was what water activities we could do and where we could find the cheapest drinks. This time, it was about where we could find a dessert fix and where we could go that had an accessible bathroom. Boats were out of the question. We had to find places that we could walk to that would not result in cankles ("cankles"- ankles that are the same circumfence as one's calves). TEDS were fine for the plane but were not appropraite island-wear.

We had some good pool days and met lovely ladies (who stayed dressed) to chat with. Nickie wore a bikini for the first time and looked SO cute! It was a nice, relaxing trip. We did do a few things: go on the gay trolley tour with a mess of cute old homomen, went to the Butterfly Conservatory, had a couple's massage at Prana (where the 4 mins on her back made Nickie vagal, but only once!), shopped on Duval Street and visited Ripley's. The evenings consisted of bumming around Pearl's bar and, of course, taking dips in the hot tub.

On the way home, we sat across from a 6 month old on her mom's lap from Miami to Boston. We were taking bets on how long it would take until she started wailing. To our relief, she happened to be the most well-behaved baby on the planet. She never screamed, but never slept; she just looked around and smiled for 3 hours. Nickie would stick her tongue out and the baby would do the same, then laugh. It was pretty outstanding.

I'm glad we went. It was nice to just have some QT together, knowing that time will be a hot commodity in a few months (4, to be exact!). I'm also glad we went when we did. 2nd trimester is great! Nickie wasn't sick or ginormous. Perfect timing!

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  1. Sounds like such a great time! Love the pics!