Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vote for Dillon!

Dillon is a finalist in the Discovery Health Cutest Baby Face-off. There's 3 weeks of voting online. She wins nothing and the fact that people can vote as many times as they want is ridiculous, but we're into it anyways!

If you have nothing else to do, please vote for her!

Kick Cass's ass!


  1. I voted!! :)
    The race is tight!! Dillon is up 52% to 48%.
    :) :) :)
    My competitive juices are flowing now...gonna go vote a few more times!!

  2. iVoted for dillon! She is too adorable!!

  3. Hi I'm a first time visitor and I just wanted to say I'm sooo jealous of Dillon's hair! My daughter is 7 1/2 months and has some barely there fuzz!

    Also, I voted while I was here! :)

  4. I voted too...except I feel bad for the babies that aren't winning. :( Isn't it kind of mean?? I voted for all the less cute ones (other than Dillon of course).

  5. Thanks for the support everyone. Keep on voting, Cass is in the lead.
    @ Darcie- yeah, the 9 months of heartburn was totally worth it.

  6. Miss the vote but I want to say that hands down, Dillon is far cuter than Cass.

  7. I had in fact heard that about heartburn...my wife had none...in turn Loren is still practically BALD! BAH!