Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Recap

It's really unbelievable how fast time flies once you become a parent. People say this all the time but until you start to experience it for yourself, you cannot truly understand it. As we start approaching 9 months since Dillon graced us with her presence, I start to think about how that tiny little newborn has blossomed into this awesome big baby. It's true that a picture says a thousand words, it's just sad that they can't also convey a personality. We have 18.5lbs of it in little Dillon May.

She is quite the performer, always clapping and waving to get every body's attention. I read that at this age they start displaying stranger anxiety, should I be worried that we haven't yet? Dillon loves strangers. Usually after a quick glance at us to make sure the situation is ok, she will pretty much go to anyone and let them hold her. She seeks out the attention of strangers in stores, and has made the day of many nana's and papa's while we've been out and about.

We found many new skills in the past month. The one that has changed our lives the most is your ability to crawl "the right way". She's been rolling and scooting for months but now Dillon looks like a real baby crawling EVERYWHERE. She's in the living room, in the kitchen, then into the bathroom. She loves exploring anything she can. She also has mastered pulling up on everything, thus thrusting us into cruiser ville. Nothing stays on the coffee table for long these days.

Dillon is an eating machine. We have yet to find a food that she doesn't agree with, except stage 3 baby food which causes her to gag and almost puke. Just something about puree with chunks that doesn't sit right with her, can't say that I blame her. She loves everything from miso soup, to kiwi, to cheeseburgers. I want to record her chowing down her veggies so I can play it back in a year when she's going through her white foods only phase. She's awesome.

Another skill we've started to develop is her ability to sign. Dillon knows how to sign "more", "milk", "hi", and "bye". Not too bad for an 8 month old. Ros took her to a 4 week free course at the library and the teacher was impressed that she signed duck and phone back to her after she had just taught her. She hasn't repeated either of those to us, but at least she did it for her.

Lastly, I'd like to report that Nugget 2.0's genetic material is now in our possession. After a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, our cryotank arrived on Tuesday. Now we have them safely stored 20 minutes away, phew. Hopefully we won't need more than four because even if the bank reopens, I'm sure we burned our bridge with that complaint.

She loves swings.

and pretending she's playing Wii.

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  1. So glad to hear you got your second child stash back! So many are struggling with the bank and I am glad to see people are getting answers! And, as always, Dillon just gets cuter and cuter!!