Friday, June 25, 2010

Home stretch...

No baby yet for those that are curious. I've just been too lazy to write anything. Although the fatigue of the 3rd trimester isn't nearly as bad as the first, I find that all I want to do on my days off is sit around my living room wearing nothing more than a t shirt and some undies. The heat is awful and is definitely making me wish little Nugget out of me, but I know she'll come when she's good and ready.

I've been trying to get things going the natural way for a couple weeks now. I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil 3x/day, walking, and some good old fashioned fooling around. The fooling around part, not so much fun these days. Now I know how straight people trying to conceive feel, trying to get down and dirty on demand. NOT FUN. But at this point, with absolutely no more room in this belly, I'll do anything for her to make her appearance just a little early.

Over the past few days the Braxton-Hicks contractions have really ramped up, which I hope is a good sign that the real ones are just right around the corner. I'm excited to use all of the Hypnobabies techniques I've been practicing for the last few months to see if I can really birth this BIG girl naturally. I'm hoping she weighs less than 9 lbs, hoping, hoping... I just don't know. I've been measuring right on target every appointment so hopefully she isn't a sumo wrestler when she's born.

We had our 38ish week appointment today which went well. Nugget had hiccups when they were listening to her heartbeat which was really cute. She's seemed to have moved back over to my right side even though I've been trying so hard to keep her on my left. Hopefully she'll move back over. The midwife discussed with us about stripping my membranes at the next appointment if she hasn't made her appearance yet, which I'm all for although I know it will be uncomfortable. I hope we won't even have to go there and we'll have our little angel in our arms before then.

Pregnancy updates, I've cut my working hours down to three 8 hour shifts per week instead of 3 12's. Which may not sound like much to most of you who work 8 hour shifts usually, but it's a huge deal for me not to have to be at work until 3am. Ankle swelling is still minimal except for just a few cases of cankles after very hot days when I walked or sat around alot without putting them up. No varicose veins for me even though everyone who has given birth in my family has horrible ones. I'll attribute that to religiously wearing my TEDS when I've been at work. Finally the stretch marks... Yuck... But I tried my best to avoid them so I'm not too upset with myself.

Finally, I think that everybody needs a wife when they are pregnant. She has nested for the past few months and our house looks great. She's even cleaned out the shed. All I've had to do was gestate and some days, that's really all I am capable of. I haven't felt like nesting myself, but I just contribute that to my nest being complete. So thank you my beautiful wife for making this pregnancy so easy for me, I LOVE YOU!


  1. Congrats on being in the home stretch. I was induced around this time with Farty, so I understand you wanting to move things along with any home remedy means possible, lol!
    I can't wait for the 'she's arrived' post!!!
    And yes, you are lucky to have someone so loving around while you're pregnant. That's one thing we single moms sometimes get short changed on!

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