Friday, June 11, 2010

Check Up

Today was our 36 (almost 37) week check up at the midwife office... Although our dates and their dates are a little different as we go by when conception actually took place and they go by that little wheelie thing based on my last period.

Everything seems pretty good, got the crotch swab for group B strep, had the midwife check my cervix even though I know any amount of dilation pretty much means nothing at this point but we were curious. The verdict, squishy cervix and fingertip dilated. I feel good about this as that is one fingertip I won't have to dilate later. My blood pressure today was a little elevated at 130/70, last week it was about 102/68, so I had some blood drawn while we were there too looking for signs of pregnancy induced hypertension. I'm pretty sure I'm fine as I haven't had any protein in my urine, no headaches, and my swelling is minimal at best. Although I have been having floaters in my vision occasionally so maybe that's something to think about. I'm thinking that my pressure was probably up since we were chatting about work and the fact that I still work 12 hour shifts in the ER, and at this point in my pregnancy, nothing stresses me out more. But due to the crappy maternity leave we have in this country (one of the worst in the developed world, or even undeveloped as Rwanda has a better one than us) I have to keep working until the princess decides to make her appearance or they (the midwives) tell me I can't work anymore.

We are totally ready for her to come, Ros even installed the car seat today. It's weird to look in the back seat and see it there, we'll see how the dogs react to half of their space now taken up. Everything is washed, folded, and placed neatly in drawers, again thanks to my wonderful wife. We even bought our second possible take home outfit depending on how much she decides to weigh when she is born, little nervous that the newborn size will be just a bit snug. All we need now is our little bundle of joy. But not until we finally pack the hospital bag which we have been talking about for a week now and haven't started yet. I should get on that, except all I want to do is lay on the couch which is a big problem for my productivity.

Here's the 9 month belly shot... Still waiting on that belly button to fall out, not long now.

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  1. Aw, you look great! It is a weird feeling, driving around with a carseat in the car while you're still waddling around, lol.
    Soon, though!